LISTEN: AUST Talks Confidence and Skin Care with Neada Deters

Image Source:  Ozma

Image Source: Ozma

Words by: Guy Webster

Radical Australians, Meaningful Conversations is back this week with another absolute ripper convo with Neada Deters, founder of skin-care juggernaut, LESSE. Since launching in August last year, LESSE has been delivering organic skin care for all types of skin. With a minimalist style and a commitment to cruelty free products (including plenty of vegan options!), LESSE is going to save the world while also cutting that bitch pimple you just noticed on your face down into oblivion.

Chatting with our mate at AUST, Hannah Wang, Neada talks self-confidence, self-care and finding solutions amid a sea of problems. Originally from Sydney, Neada traces her journey to greater confidence as well as her more literal journey to New York and then to L.A. (where she now lives).

Under Neada’s expert guidance, LESSE continues to empower as it pursues healthy skincare solutions and, did I mention, literally chucks that bitch-ass pimple right into the sun. It’s an empowering listen and it’ll have you pursuing self-care just in time for the end of Taurus season.