LISTEN: A Podcast Series For Millennial's, Dubbed the Hamish and Andy for Finances

Words by: Jack Warwick

Avocado on toast. A staple of the Australian cafe menu and a dish clearing the bank accounts of millennials nationwide according to some. While some baby boomers will tell you to stay clear of it, the two men behind the podcast series My Millennial Money won’t.

Dubbed, “It’s like Hamish and Andy for your finances,” the My Millennial Money is a series designed for Generation Y, but without the boring lectures you’ve come to expect.

Run by millennial money expert Glen James and property investing expert John Pidgeon, My Millennial Money brings a casual yet informative and somewhat refreshing spin on financial advice. From having a startup in your 20’s to rentvesting or investing in shares, the two middle-age money advisers are a far cry from the usual boring or condescending advice we’ve been given in the past. Instead, the series works in a more millennial fashion, with a curated Instagram feed of avocado on toast, podcast updates and memes including some of their own to keep you in the loop. Backing its young approach, it’s even sponsored by a coffee roaster and they throw out the usual discounts.

Even for those in the know the podcasts make for an easy listen with some interesting facts and interviews like episode 207 with the founders of new financial institution Up Bank. Even if you’re not a fan, it’s worthwhile tuning in for the occasional bad review which they love to read out.

Here’s a handful of our favourite episodes, but be sure to check out their profile and scout something that suits your situation!