LISTEN: Aust Podcast continues to deliver the goods with 'MOBOT'


Radical Australians, Meaningful Conversations Podcast by AUST. continues to deliver with MOBOT-Founder, Lani Cooper!

Okay so we’ve been following our mates over at AUST. for a while now. From their LA-based retailer to their epic podcast, AUST. is sticking an Aussie-shaped imprint on the entrepreneurial world. Hannah Wang, resident boss and awesome human, has been putting out amazing content via her podcast for about a month now and this week she’s given us an amazing interview with another Aussie boss, Lani Cooper.

In 2013, Cooper founded MOBOT, a company dedicated to jazzing up those sustainable water bottles with an eco-friendly (and Fitness and Yoga friendly!) twist. Her skills as an entrepreneur stem from the value she gives to self-care and self-love, something Cooper came face to face with during her experiences with mental ill health.

During the podcast, Cooper opens up about using her experiences to positively influence and drive the ethos of her business. Discussing everything from physical, mental, and spiritual well-being, Cooper puts forward a pretty damn inspiring silver-lining in the usually cut-throat world of business. Talking about a traumatic brain injury that challenged both physical and mental limits, Cooper practices this kind of aggressive positivity that is overwhelming and just really hopeful.

We’re feeling inspired over here! Hell yes Lani!

Check out MOBOT here or have a listen to Lani’s interview wherever you listen to podcasts (Spotify below - Cos’ it’s our fav).