Listen: Bite The Ballot- We All Have To Vote But Do Any Of Us Know What The Hell We’re Doing?


Words by: Alia Lievore

As the federal election draws nearer and politicians take their final strides down the home stretch of broken promises and poorly worded tweets it seems the decision of who to vote for has not been getting any more clear. What is clear, however, is that Young people in Australia are chomping at the bit to have their voices heard. With youth enrolment at the highest level ever (with an estimated 88.8% of eligible 18-24 year olds enrolled to vote) this will be the first federal election that many young Australians will participate in, but do any of us know what the hello we’re doing?

In a brand new Australian podcast series, BITE THE BALLOT, hosts Jack and Farz are teaching young Australians how to make sense of the shitshow that is Australian politics. With short episodes (20 mins or under) and a quick wit Jack and Farz somehow manage to make political chat palatable. Each Monday a themed explainer episode drops and every Thursday the hosts get ~interactive~ and answer questions sent in by listeners. It’s a podcast by young people, for young people.

BITE THE BALLOT is 100% independent and not-for-profit. (In fact it sounds like they’re pretty out of pocket, maybe shout them a beer?) It’s not about telling people who to vote for but giving them the tools to decide for themselves.

The election is this weekend so now is your time to binge listen their eps and go into Saturday fully prepared to Bite The Ballot (and the mandatory election day sausage sandwich).

To listen, jump on their website and click the link to you preferred streaming method.