LISTEN: Learn From The Best With Internationally Recognised Mediation Teacher And Co-Founder of 1 Giant Mind, Jonni Pollard


Jonni Pollard is a world renowned meditation teacher and founder of meditation app, 1 Giant Mind. Having first started meditating at the age of seven, this stress-alleviating technique soon became a consistent method of relaxation throughout his life. Now a distinguished meditation teacher across the globe, Jonni is sharing his passion, enthusiasm and knowledge of the mindfulness technique with hundreds of thousands through his app, 1 Giant Mind.

Sitting down with Hannah Wang from AUST. latest podcast, ‘Radical Australians. Meaningful Conversations', Hannah digs deep with Jonni discussing his business, mediation and the impact this one technique can have on one’s self, body and mind.  

Tune in below to listen to this incredible interview with Jonni, where he not only shares his story but also some profound insights from his book, The Golden Sequence. We guarantee you will walk away in awe of Jonni’s ability to open your mind, and with a deeper understanding of how meditation can be a vital tool to increase self-awareness and help you live the most meaningful life possible.

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