Listen: Amy Shark is becoming an Australian icon

Words by: Zoya Raza-sheikh

Hailing from the Gold Coast, Amy Louise Billings - more commonly known under the stage name Amy Shark - is taking Australia by storm.

Given our bold claim, you might be wondering whether you’ve come across Shark’s music. Well, if you’ve ever watched Love, Simon (2018) you’ll have had the chance to ‘Sink In’ to her feature on the film’s soundtrack. Also, if you love your Aussie soaps, then you’ll definitely have heard her hit single ‘Adore’ being featured on Neighbours. You really can’t get any more Australian than that, can you? 

Now a six-time ARIA Music Award winner, it’s no surprise Shark’s music is finally getting the recognition it deserves. Stylistically characterised as soft indie-pop, Shark blends delicate vocals and hypnotic lyrical narratives to captivate listeners. If you ask us, it’s a refreshing take on pop music. Shark’s debut album, Love Monster is out now, and we highly recommend you give it a spin. There’s even a wonderfully late 90’s-esque emo-pop track called ‘The Idiot’ reserved for the times you’re having those bad relationship movements. It’s cathartic, we swear.