LISTEN: Aura Cools New Single 'Photograph' Screams Cold Ones On The Beach

Photograph - Aura Cools.png

Words by: Jack Warwick

Are you sitting in the office having a staring contest with your stupid computer, peripherally sighting unwanted email notifications, all whilst you move your mouse around and slap the keyboard every few mins in an effort to physically notify your boss you’re doing sh*t? Well, haven’t we a treat for you…

Photograph’ is the 2nd release from Aura Cools off forthcoming EP titled ‘Slow Summer’.

Aura Cools is the original music project of Sydney based creative Nat Taubman (founder of brands Barney Cools, Cools Club and former Creative Director of brand Zanerobe).

Nat has been in around the DJ circuit the past decade - Aura Cools revisits Nat’s original passion for psychedelic surf sounds. Having grown up with an oceanic obsession, Aura Cools draws on coastal and retrospective influences with a raw yet refined sound – creating contemporary music for classic souls.

‘Photograph’ is a dreamy and quirky Pop record that strives to turn any frown upside down. Written and recorded live in Sydney Independent Studio Sentir.

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