LISTEN: AUST Returns This Week With Environmental Warrior, Natascha Elisa


Words by: Guy Webster

‘The more people get involved the more we can do for the environment. Be aware, be mindful, and educate.’

This is the call to arms put forward by Natascha Elisa on AUST’s new podcast release this week. Model, clean eater and aesthetic traveller, Elisa is an environmentalist with less of the eyeroll-worthy cringe we’ve come to expect from Instagram influencers and more of an entrepreneurial drive to get shit done. With Hannah Wang, Elisa chats about the ways in which her value for sustainability and her drive to voice those hard environmental truths drove her to create @cleancooking. 

With over 40,000 followers (on top of the 80,000 on her personal insta), @cleancooking draws attention to plant-based recipes that use sustainable ingredients. Everything from the ‘Cacao Dream Smoothie’ to the ’Quinoa Sushi’ reflect Elisa’s desire to champion companies and lifestyles that are sustainable and actively interested in eco-friendly practices. This month, Elisa is participating in ‘Plastic-Free July’, a growing concept gaining increasing traction in the Instagram world. An alarming 90.5% of plastic is not getting recycled, and Elisa is determined to ensure we don’t shy away from this terrifying fact. Instead, she encourages everyone to try going #plasticfree for the month. 30 days practicing a waste-free lifestyle will challenge and enlighten, Elisa promises. And hey, if you’re struggling to find premium recipes during those 30 days you can always head to Elisa’s Instagram for some delicious food inspo featuring a side of environmental activism that is sure to keep those waste-free practices going! 

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