Listen: AUST Returns With Lisa Messenger Who Says F*&k Going Into The Office Tomorrow

Words by: Guy Webster

This week we’re back with our faves over at AUST, who just keep pumping out incredible convos with incredible Aussies. This time around, Hannah Wang chats with Sydney-based entrepreneur and all-round boss, Lisa Messenger about her publication, Collective Hub and her new self-help book, Work from wherever: how to set yourself free (and still achieve), and most importantly - working from wherever the hell you like in the world! 

Over the past five and a half years, Messenger has offered her editing skills to several successful authors, helping to co-author and author over 24 books. Now, she’s translated the skills that she has conquered as an editor, writer, international speaker and business start-up extraordinaire into a refreshingly honest how-to guide for personal and professional success. For Messenger, a strong business starts with a strong mindset. 

In 2013, Messenger took a leap of faith into an unknown industry  – with a healthy splash of risk-taking and business-savvy - to launch Collective Hub during a time when print media was dead and buried. The independent publication celebrated founders and entrepreneurs and was internationally acclaimed and distributed into over 37 countries.

“Once you become fearless, life becomes limitless,'' says Messenger. This fearless attitude (and pearl of kick-ass wisdom we are now living by!), has led her to headline events worldwide, including the National Achievers Congress and Melbourne Spring Fashion Week. 

Needless to say, Messenger is making Australia proud far and wide, and her passion for maintaining self-care and pursuing self-awareness during her various entrepreneurial pursuits is both an admirable trait and an important addition to the killer range of quality convos in the AUST wheelhouse.

Have a listen here!