Listen: Bon Iver’s Fourth Album Is Here, And It’s A World Apart From The Others We Know And Love

Words by: Emily Smith

Singer-songwriter Justin Vernon has returned, leading his band Bon Iver in an album far removed from his previous emotional, beautiful and individual songs.

The album features two 30-second tracks, and a host of 11 other longer songs.

Pitchfork believes the album is genius, with elements of the heartfelt, tender lyrics we’ve heard before, yet new emotions hiding behind the words. They claim this album has more “room for the rest of the world”, inviting a response and shared feeling from Vernon’s audience.

But i,i has received vastly differing reviews, with The Guardian going so far as to call it “Vernon’s first misfire”, blaming the group dynamics and collaborations for the disappointment.

But it’s not all bad news – Hey, Ma has been dubbed one of his best songs ever, thanks to its melody and powerful lyrics, conveying his experiencing of a sudden realisation and clarity.

So there’s only one thing left to do – give it a listen, and form your own judgment… is it his best work yet, or far from it?