Listen: Brockhampton Drop Another Song From Their Next Album

Words by: Alia Lievore

It would appear the lads from Brockhampton are very much back to their old hyperactive antics judging by the fact they have dropped three new singles in as many weeks. The drops started with ‘I Been Born Again’ then last week we got ‘If You Pray Right’ and this week it’s ‘Boy Bye’. The tunes are all distinctly different yet all distinctly Brockhampton.

In the latest bop, produced by Jack Antonoff (of the Fun, Bleachers and prediction for Taylor Swift) the group’s members rap about self-medicating for their stress, being on the receive end of judgement and the emotions that come with not receiving the respect they think they deserve.

After Announcing that their new album ‘Ginger’ will be released on the 23rd of August, the rumours started to fly that there could be a few hot features on the album too. Lana Del Rey’s name is being thrown around as one of the potentials. Rogue combo, but if anyone can pull that off it’s Brockhampton.