Listen: Two New Swoon-Tunes By Aussie R&B Upcomer, Kamaliza

Words by: Jack Warwick

Known for dulcet melodies and silken vocals that have already garnered him millions of streams on Spotify, Australian artist Kamaliza returns with his latest, “Endless.” Exuding rawness and authenticity on the track, the self-taught musician finds himself embracing his accent in a minimalist soundscape laden with blissful chords.

With passionate lyrics like, “I find myself when I’m lost in you,” the artist proceeds to reimagine God as a woman. "I’ve spoken to god, she said she's got a plan for us,” he harmonizes. An ode to diversity and inclusion, the accompanying video (directed by Aaron Bull) is a slice of life starring an all-black cast that portrays the simple joys of being in a relationship. 

Following on from “Endless,” Kamaliza has done it again with his newest single “Agua,” the second single off his new five track EP, ‘Time’.

Co-produced by Fossa Beats, and comprised of experimental synth beats, “Agua” is a tranquil R&B masterpiece. Describing this track as having a “fiercely independent energy,” Kamaliza uses his hypnotic vocals and relatively resonating lyrics to prove it. 

Follow Kamaliza’s journey here.