Listen: Tyler, The Creator Drops Sixth Studio Album "IGOR"

Credit: Getty Images / Film Magic

Credit: Getty Images / Film Magic

Words by: Alia Lievore

"Don't go into this expecting a rap album..." was the advice Tyler, The Creator (leader of the hip hop group Odd Future) gave to listeners about his sixth studio album: IGOR. 

Produced, written and arranged by Tyler, with no listed features other than the voice of Kanye West on the track "Puppets" and a verse from Playboi Carti on "Earfquake"  IGOR is the rappers most experimental album yet.

Listening to the opening track on the album "IGOR'S THEME" you'd be forgiven for not taking Tyler on his word and expecting a rap album. At every turn of the song it feels like the rapper's baritone voice is going to drop in with 16 bars, but by the end of the track Tyler's intention becomes clear; expect the unexpected. Characterised by spooky synths, impressionistic production and emotionally charged vocals the album sounds like a polished collection of Tyler's most outlandish thoughts and ideas.

Listen to the album below, but take note that Tyler requests the following; "No skips, front to back. No distractions either...." So put your phone on do not disturb, sit back and feel the synth, baby.