LISTEN: Mac DeMarco Keeps It Real On New Album ‘Here Comes The Cowboy’


Words by: Joe Dwyer

Mac DeMarco may have the vibe of your older brother’s laidback, slacker mate, but his musical output has been anything but, with three full-length albums in the last four years. His most recent release, a chilled out, groovy collection of thirteen indie-rock tunes, sees DeMarco inch slightly toward a more mature sound, but without sacrificing the seemingly carefree approach that has defined his career.

Perfectly suited for playing on a long, lazy Sunday afternoon drive, or as the sun comes up at kick-ons, Here Comes The Cowboy has enough variety to keep everyone interested. Melancholy reflection finds it home on ‘Nobody’ and ‘All Our Yesterdays,’ simple indie-folk knows where it belongs on ‘K,’, and there’s an almost country flavour to ‘Hey Cowgirl’ (that’s Johnny Cash country, not Lil Nas X country).

Familiar to Australians for his manic sets at festivals like Laneway, DeMarco’s relaxed energy fits in bloody well with our laidback nature. It’s almost easier to imagine his toothy grin as he unwinds on Burleigh Beach with an ice-cold beer in hand, than him calling the cold mountains of Canada ‘home.’

Either way, the message of his latest release is clear. You might be a cowboy, cowgirl, or just the kind of bloke who throws on a pair of RMs and feels a little bit ‘country,’ but regardless, MacDeMarco’s ‘Here Comes The Cowboy’ is for you.

Listen below.