LISTEN: Unlock Your Creative Genius Thanks To This Mind-Blowing Chat Between Oprah And Mindset Guru, Steven Pressfield

Do you believe we all have the ability to do and achieve spectacular things? Run a marathon, write a best-selling novel, start a business, become an entrepreneur, climb Mt.Everest? If the answer is yes, what’s stopping you?

Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversation with New York Times best selling author, Steven Pressfield, touches on this very topic - the art of resistance.

Pressfield believes that we all have the ability to do something spectacular. Whatever we set our mind to, we can achieve. Sounds simple right? But have you ever tried to train for a marathon only to get halfway through and give up? Learn to play an instrument and after multiple hours plucking strings, sounding like a meowing cat rather than a rhythmic beat, throw in the towel? According to Pressfield, this is an internal force he labels ‘resistance’.

In this podcast, Pressfield offers practical steps on how to ‘unlock the creative genius’ he believes lives inside all of us, insights into how to combat resistance, stop self-sabotaging and start achieving. So if you’re looking for a fresh perspective on why you’re just not achieving all of the tasks and goals you’re setting yourself, we highly recommend this listen.

For those who prefer a more visual experience, also check out this video.