LISTEN: Caitlin Stasey Talks Neighbours and Feminist Pride with AUST.


Words by: Guy Webster

It's been 14 years since Caitlin Stasey graced the 7pm slot of TVs across the nation as Rachel Kinski in Neighbours. Spending four years with the show, Stasey went through a seemingly endless number of prime time controversies as Kinski: she fell in love with her teacher, gets hit with a brick, dates a high school douche, breaks up with a high school douche, visits a lovelorn teacher in jail. Highschoolers in soap opera’s really go through the wringer!

But since leaving the eventful life of Rachel Kinski, Stasey has made a name for herself, both as an incredible actress outside of Aussie soapies and an entrepreneur with a politically active voice. From Tomorrow When the War Began to her hilarious turn as Claire in Please Like Me (literally hilarious, go watch it!), she’s been bringing her beyond talented style to screens across the world.

In this week’s episode of the podcast Radical Australians, Meaningful Conversations, Stasey chats with AUST. about positive self-image and the tumultuous journey of self-reflection she experiences in the pursuit of it. Coinciding with Pride Month in the U.S., Stasey gets particularly honest about her difficult experience attempting to define her sexuality, and the way she continues to navigate this issue.

It’s a sincere and considerate convo this week, touching specifically on Stasey’s self-made project, Motivated by a deeply feminist concern with representations of the female body in the media, as well as the presence of female nudity in manipulative campaigns and to the benefit of toxic agendas, Stasey has created a space for women to ‘reclaim our bodies. Let us take them back from those who seek to profit from our insecurity.’. Douse yourself in Pride this month and tuck into some – no surprise – quality content from our faves over at AUST.