LISTEN: UK Grime Is Back In A Big Way With Skepta’s Album, ‘Ignorance Is Bliss’


Words by: Joe Dwyer

UK grime legend Skepta has burst back onto the scene with a scorching hot new album, filled with incredible hooks, powerful lyrics, and that ear for driving, bass-heavy rhythm that has defined his early career, and in a way, defined much of the grime genre itself.

Skepta has long been an icon in the grime scene, a pioneer of the combination of drum-and-bass, garage-influenced lyric delivery, and a relentless sense of charm that underpins countless grime tracks. Rapping about the streets of London, and the grimier side of life, his 2016 album Konnichiwa was an absolute megahit, leading the way for a number of younger, up-and-coming rappers who would follow in his wake.

But since 2016, we haven’t heard as much from Skepta as we might’ve liked. A couple of singles had to tide us over until Ignorance Is Bliss, the latest full-length, a 13-song collection of fiery lyrical twists and turns, Skepta’s vocals gliding over the top of some classic grime beats. Highlights off the album include opener ‘Bullet From A Gun,’ and ‘Animal Instinct’ with Lacey Foux.

Whilst most of the tracks take a detached view of the world Skepta sees, the moments of intimacy about fatherhood ring true and deep. If you want pres to be going wild, before briefly thinking about human relationships, this is the album to be spinning.

But nothing can take away the party vibes and dirty, funky sounds of the man who brought us ‘Shutdown.’ Grime is back, baby, and Skepta is leading the way.