LOOK: BOÉ Wine Soiree - Bedouin, Double Bay


Scuse us ladies, have we introduced you to BOÉ yet?

A bit of background, she’s a delish Italian style rosé, grown and made by Sam Miranda Winery, located in VIC, Australia.

More on her here!

What’s more important is BOÉ teamed up with Bedouin, Double Bay last Friday night for a super cute Wine Soiree. Drinks flowed of course (thanks to Founders, Belinda, Zoe and the team at Bedouin - Thanks y’all), music was en pointe (thanks to U-Go-B + Mowgli May) and naturally, a good time was had by all.

Typically, we’ll steer well clear of any party evidence we’re potentially a part of, but TBH everyone looked delightful and well behaved.
Here’s to BOÉ and here’s to more Wine Soiree’s 🥂

Images by Tropicool