LOOK: Bag Raiders @ The Metro (Show Pics & Gig Review) 09.08.19

Pics by: Pat Stevenson & Paddy Foss
Words by: Josh Hayes

Bag Raiders kicked off their Horizons Album Live Tour at the Metro Theatre in Sydney this weekend, and oh lord was it juicy. The vibe was set up exceptionally well with warm up sets from Chase Zera and Mickey Kojak. Both are vocalists with a beautiful and unique timbre to their voice. Mickey Kojak particularly hyped the crowd up with some toe tappers.

When Bag Raiders walked on stage the crowds decibel levels jumped up 100%, it was amazing to see some of the electronica genre performed live in front of you. Most would assume they are simply DJ's, but both are clearly very talented musically, as they exchanged instruments as easily as exchanging left and right feet during the two-step dance move. I was particularly astonished at how pitch perfect the singing half of Bag Raiders' Chris Stracey was the entire set, with most of their songs being in a difficult range, his falsetto was pure.

My only complaint would be that their timeless song Shooting Stars could've been just that - timeless. The riff alone is enough the get even the darkest soul smiling. "Baaaaa da da da, badaaaaa da da da, badaaaa da da da, badaaaaaa" has lived happily in my head ever since.

I would rate the evening a 9/10. An absolute must see for Australian Electronic music fans, or fans of live-music in general.

Gallery 1 by Pat Stevenson

Gallery 2 by Paddy Foss