LOOK: Sarah Ellen Shows Off The Simple Power Of A Gorgeous Smile

Beauty and fashion are a blend of countless factors, but something you’ll find at the heart of any gorgeous piece of fashion, any stunning slice of beauty, is a smile. 

They say a radiant, glowing smile is the foundation of happiness, and with that spirit firmly in mind, the legends at Invisalign have commissioned a dazzling exhibition from the iconic creative Sarah Ellen, focusing on the importance of the simple, timeless smile.

The exhibition will come in the form of massive, two-metre portraits that showcase a bevy of beautiful smiles. Best enjoyed with a bevy of your own, or simply a keen eye for a glowing smile, the exhibition ran in May, but we’re fortunate enough to witness the gallery. A gallery to the exhibition images, accessible to Only Everything readers, is at the bottom of the article.

Ellen’s work here doesn’t only focus on the aesthetic beauty of a smile - she focuses on the confidence that underpins a great smile. Invisalign’s focus is all about helping Australians to be confident in their own smile, so it’s a no-brainer that the gallery would focus on confidence too. It’s easy to be inspired by Ellen’s creative eye, and the images captured by her brilliant lens.

And that inspiration is what hides behind a great smile - the playfulness, the boldness, the warmth that is so visible in the Invisalign Smile Exhibition. And given the exhibition was presented as part of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, you know there’s plenty of clout in the below pics.

With Sarah Ellen at the helm, the gallery defiantly shows off the power of the smile to the fashion industry. Check out the pics below for an introduction into the power of the smile.