GALLERY: SET MO Live At OAF, with support act London Topaz (May 30)

Photographer: Paddy Foss

Sydney on a Thursday night is always an interesting one, and it was made even more interesting last night with a killer performance by Sydney duo, and local heroes, Set Mo. Two fellas who were DJs separately, and started producing killer tracks as one, brought their unique fusion of deep house, slinky grooves, and glittering disco rhythms to the Oxford Art Factory for one hell of a show.

Opening act London Topaz had the evening underway in spectacular fashion. Known for tracks like ‘Hideout’ (which featured the fabulous Leonie Kingdom) and ‘Midnight,’ the electronic one-man band had the audience compelled by the danceable beat and new-wave feel. If dreams could be made of synthesizers, it wouldn’t sound too different to London Topaz. Unfortunately, dreams can’t be made of synthesizers, and synthesizers can’t be made of dreams, but in this reality, London Topaz is the closest we’re getting.

With the audience sufficiently warm, a sweaty, excitable energy washed over the crowd, a vibrant pack ready to do some dancing and make some memories. Set Mo took to the stage to a rapturous reception, and with a reputation built on superb tunes like ‘Fault Lines’ and ‘Communicate,’ the audience at Oxford Art Factory knew they wear in for a true treat. Set Mo’s set (no pun intended) was mo’ brilliant, mo’ energetic, and mo’ invigorating than most we’ve seen. Australia have seen a lot of fantastic electronic artists over the last few years, and the explosion of house-influenced music has been something special to behold, but Set Mo is more than just another number.

They’re the cream of the crop.

Powering through a set packed with raw energy and danceable groove, the punters were left knowing the cost of admission was truly worth it.

And that they’d just seen one of Australia’s premier young electronic acts, and their only way from here is up.