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When I first stumbled across Jenna Holmes, aka Plant Mama, my heart fluttered and I knew this was going to be a girl crush for life. From her effortless 70’s style, mishmash of interior musings and of course her ability to transform any room with a little bit of greenery (slight understatement) it was basically love at first sight.

Residing amongst the trendy burbs of Melbourne, Jenna is an interior plant designer, stylist and creative-green-thumb who is creating high quality interior plant aesthetics across Australia. I was lucky enough to steal Jenna away from her busy schedule to get the low down on all things Plant Mama, propagating and the ‘IT’ Plant for 2019.

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How do you pick the perfect house plant for your space?

Lighting is EVERYTHING! Remember that plants need light to survive and grow, so it’s important that the plants you are selecting match the lighting environments in your house. Once you work out how much light is in the room, you then read the tags of the plants you like in the nurseries/shops. They will tell you what lighting requirements the plant needs, match them to your houses light and voila!

For those lacking a green thumb, what are some of your go to plants?

Devils Ivy is a great starting plant as they can grow in most indoor environments and they are hardy as well. I also find that a Monstera is also a winning plant for the newbies.

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What are you three top tips when interior styling with plants?

I build layers with the plants and I always make sure there are different heights and widths going on. It also helps to spend that time finding different and unique pots - the pot situation in peoples houses can be very generic so it is nice to shake it up design-wise

We’re seeing a rise in people propagating plants. What are three of the easiest plants to propagate and why?

Any ivy/pothos, monstera and philodendron. I have had major success with these babies taking off in their propagation glasses. I don’t know the scientific reason why, but I have found these three varieties work the best.

What do you think the ‘it’ plant of 2019 is going to be?

Umbrella Tree!



Favourite plant?


Favourite interior plant project?

My house

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What's are you listening to right now?  

Meg Mc & Aretha Franklin

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