READ: Why The Hell Are You Creating Content This Festive Season?

Extended retail hours, competitive e-comm stores, packed out hospo-venues and just Christmas spending in general - welcome to the festive season!

Yep, it’s that time of year again. The office is mayhem, you’re mentally and physically exhausted, eating like a piglet every other day and if you’re like the rest of us, well behind tackling your Xmas marketing.

With so much on everyone’s plate, we’re sharing a quick marketing know-how for brand marketers out there rocking small budgets with limited resources. A shortlist of the sh*t you already know, but one that will hopefully help kickstart the creative juices again, allowing you to double up on the brownie points with the boss before EOY!

1) Create content with purpose

Let’s be real, you’ve got a very short lead time - It’s important you define your objectives fast! Whether you’re wanting to drive e-comm traffic, run a consumer promo to increase your database or share an in-store voucher with existing customers to boost sales - you need to know WHY you’re campaigning and plan accordingly.

2) Consumption

Remember, it’s the busiest time of the year, people don’t have a lot of time, SO, keep it short, sharp, simple and easy to consume and last but not least, make it mobile first. EVERYONE is on-the-go this time of year... portrait all the way baby!

3) Personalisation

Don’t try and win over everybody... Look at the low hanging fruit audience and personalise your content to attract these people - be relevant, source similar talent, shoot at recognisable locations and speak their language.

4) Distribution

Know your channels, know what works for you in way of results and use the channel your target audience will be spending most of their time on during this busy period. You don’t have the time to create 4 format types, whilst wasting your money on split testing across 3 different platforms... FOCUS ON THE LOW HANGING FRUIT.

5) Amplification

You’ve invested your time and budget producing your campaign, so allow people to see it! Be sure to dedicate a healthy ad-spend to get it in front of your audience - it’s not gonna’ happen organically, believe us.

Laura Tebb