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If there's someone in the music biz scene you need to keep an eye on in the coming years it's no other than Mr. Ben Tucker! He's an absolute legend and more importantly the founder of one our favourite music and lifestyle events that is truly shaking up the live music scene, For The Love! His mission is to create amazing moments at iconic locations all around the world, basically carving out our dream career – rocking out to the world’s top muso’s at dream destinations. 

With his upcoming 2019 show featuring headlining act RÜFÜS DU SOL, we begged Ben to take 5 out his busy schedule to talk us through business and humble beginnings. 


Hey Ben, what are you up to right now?

I am currently annoying the management team from RÜFÜS DU SOL with some ridiculous creative idea I’m trying to pitch them for our event in Feb while thinking about if it’s too early in the day to have a glass of red or not.

Where did you grow up?

I grew up on the coast of The Mornington Peninsula, a little grommet driving around in his shitbox Kombi harassing everyone and surfing every day. I’m not even joking haha.


Tell us a little about your professional career prior to For The Love?

I was always around music. I was focused on hospitality in Melbourne for the good part of a decade and within that time we opened up and ran a cool little venue in St Kilda called Secret Garden. Getting the taste for owning and running my own business set me up for the next chapter. I had dabbled here and there in events and loved the venues, but I always knew there was more.

From an outsider perspective, you’re living the dream but we’re sure it wasn’t always smooth sailing. Talk us through starting your company, For The Love.

From living the nightmare to living the dream in 4 years haha. No, look I’m really fortunate that I get to work on what I love every day with amazing people and share some pretty cool experiences with them. I think with any business that steps outside the box, life is going to test you to see if you really want it. I think the person you choose to become during these times defines your success or failure and how your future is written.

What I like to focus on is the value out of every experience whether it be good or bad. There has been some really proud pinch me moments with people close to my heart that are what I believe life is about. To be able to provide that for other people on a large scale as well makes me so happy.

Your jobs combines two of our favourite things music and travel, how did the idea of For The Love come to be?

It has evolved so much over time but the core values and driving force will always remain the same; enabling people to experience high profile artists and create amazing moments at iconic locations around the world. Think sunsets over the water, warm nights spent with friends, good music and summery vibes. I always wanted For The Love to come from a place of pureness, not altered by ego or perpetuated by fads. It has been created for the real moments we seek to experience with music and one another. 

Music has always been a big part of my life, my Nan and I would go see the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra perform Mahler movements when I was younger and I grew up listening to a lot of bands. I’ve always drawn a very emotional experience out of music and have shaped a lot of my life and who I am with it.

FTL - 4.jpg

What’s your advice to the youth out there considering starting something of their own?

It’s not for everyone, there’s a lot of sacrifice and uncertainty but if you have a vision then 100% go for it because being able to deliver a product and experience for people that you genuinely love, enjoy and are proud of is one of the best feelings in the world. Be smart about it, make sure you have a product to market fit, a strong plan going into it (It will never work out exactly how you first thought but at least have one haha) good people around you and a passion for what you are trying to achieve. The bottom line is that if your vision isn’t your true north and something you can’t ignore then you will give up every time you’re faced with adversity.

Plus - also, be a nice person!

If you weren’t running For The Love, what would you be doing instead?

Still handing out drink cards to young girls in Melbourne venues haha. No, I actually have another business where I consult with and create marketing campaigns for different businesses. Every now and then a great project comes across my desk and I genuinely enjoy working with other companies to help them achieve their goals.

Favourite FTL event to date?

Oh c’mon, that’s like asking who your favourite child is haha. All of them for different reasons, this sounds so cliché but there is always something so special about them that I take away and remember forever. Our Bali editions have a place in my heart, they will also be the death of me I’m sure of it haha! But when everything comes together being in a tropical destination with your friends, the artists you look up to and soaking up the lifestyle the island has to offer is amazing. Our little secret sunset show at The Lawn earlier this year was pretty incredible, we wrapped up our Major event on the Saturday and then the owner Tai and I pulled the trigger on having Hayden James roll out a Sunday session for 200 friends on the Rooftop of The Lawn overlooking the ocean as the sun set. It was an absolute dream.

Flight Facilities in 2017 will always be a big achievement for me, I have loved them for so many years and that event was a key turning point for FTL.

FTL - 1.jpg

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My Nan, the love and support she has given me over the years is amazing. It’s quite rare to meet someone as special as her, let alone have them help shape who you are as a person.

If you could time warp yourself to any point in history when would it be and who would you hang out with?

I’d go back to when I was roughly 20 years of age and give myself a seriously good talking to.

The hair, the corduroy pants… my goodness. Jokes I wouldn’t waste it on me, I would have loved to read this article 5 years ago though. The 60’s in America would be pretty wild. Exploring the Mentawai Islands surfing with a couple of mates before they were discovered by the masses. Nirvana in concert would be up there.

What would be your three top tips for someone looking to branch out and start their own business?

We kind of answered this question earlier but here we go :)

1. Find something that inspires you

2. Make sure you have product to market fit, as in do other people like or want what you

are doing or are you the only person that is going to buy it haha.

3. Never give up. Seriously.

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Favourite city?

Melbourne really is an amazing city but I have a soft spot for LA.

Favourite food?

I could eat tacos with margaritas until the day I die.

Beach or city life?

Beach life, just minus the rusted-out Kombi.

One thing you can’t live without?


What are you listening to right now?

I’m a closet alt rock fan so I’m listening to some old school Alexis On Fire. I have the new RÜFÜS DU SOL album on repeat as well.

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