READ: How To Handle The Come Down After The Aus Day Weekend

We’re already two days deep into the working week but some of us are still reeling from the effects of the Australia day long weekend - aka the biggest three day bender of the year. Whilst the faintest smell of alcohol has us reeling, we thought it might be a good idea to invest in some much needed R&R over the next few days.

So whilst some might be committing to Feb-fast (the alcoholic kind), we’re slightly more realistic. Here’s how we’re detoxing, relaxing and down-right chillin’ over the next few days.

Sweat It Out

Don’t be ridiculous, as if we’re committing to exercise after the copious amounts of damage we just inflicted upon our bodies. Nope. We’re going to sit in a hot box, watch some Netflix and sweat this shit out of our bodies thanks to an infrared sauna. So if you’re looking to detoxify toxins (aka booze) and reap all the other benefits of an infrared sauna, this is the week to do it. Sydney siders, Melbournians and Byron babe’s, check out Nimbus and Co for all your sauna needs.


Snorkelling At Gordons Bay

A fave amongst locals, this little bay between Coogee and Clovelly is a swimmer, snorkel and sun baker’s dream. The water is calm making it the perfect location to float your day away (swimming is way to much effort right now) or grab a snorkel and explore the clear turquoise waters. If all of that sounds too much, just plop your battered and bruised party bod on the nearby sand and don’t move.


Fuel The Tank

If there was heaven on earth it would be a quality sandwich. If you’re shaking your head in denial you obviously never had a South Dowling Sandwich. The mecca of all Sydney Sandwiches, South Dowling is the one stop shop for hearty, healthy and wholesome feeds. Just what you need after depleting your body of sustenance. Plus, if you’re really hanging for a filthy feed, they can whip you up a tasty egg and bacon roll.


If All Else Fails…

Did we mention we weren’t doing feb-fast? They say continuing to drink after a big night is one of the best hangover cures (don’t quote us), so if you’re still suffering maybe the best thing to do is to have a cheeky morning cocktail. Not the greatest pre-work advice ever given but a vodka-soaked nutritional breakfast may be the answer you’ve been looking for. So whip up a Bloody Mary and get sipping lads and ladies.

Laura Tebb