READ: Advent Calendars That Have Us Going ‘Huh?’

The origin of advent calendars are unknown to us (we could probably google but CBF), but the idea is pretty simple. Starting on the 1st of December you treat yourself to a daily delight courtesy of your calendar of choice.

As youngins, the advent calendar would’ve featured a tiny choccie that tasted like a 5 cent confection mockery from the $2 shop, but as the years progressed the chocolate has since evolved into tiny shots of liqueur all the way to skin care regimes. Finally, something other than wine that gets better with age!

In saying that, we have come across a couple of advent calendars that have caused a quizzical double take and a solid eyebrow raise. Here are the calendars that had us going WTF…


Containing 12 cheeses cut and packaged to order, this calendar is one smelly surprise. Firstly, what happened to 24 day advent calendars, secondly we’re slightly concerned about the delivery of soft cheeses during the hottest time of year. Nonetheless, if you’re a cheese lover this might be right up your alley. Featuring artisanal French cheeses packaged in a hand crafted box, feast on a mix of creamy blues, Bries and hard cheeses. Setting one back $196.50 - you’ve Gouda Brie kidding me - you might want to save this calendar for someone special.



Christmas is a time to celebrate and spend time with family which is why this advent calendar has us a bit baffled. Lovehoney are dishing up the Best Sex Of Your Life Kit featuring 24 days of hand-picked award-winning sex toys to ‘help spread good cheer this holiday season’ - their words not ours. Probably not one to gift the parental units, this advent calendar features toys, tie-and-tease pieces, bondage and a whole host of other surprises. The calendar recommends that you purchases batteries and lube to accompany the calendar so we can only imagine what it has in store.

Purchase here - $100



According to the seller, this is the world’s first Fly Fishing Advent Calendar. Delivering ‘must-have flies every true fly fishing enthusiasts want’, we’re surprised this wasn’t thought of earlier…

Purchase Here - $76



For the snack lover who doesn’t like chocolate or any other delectable treat out there, pork is probably the next best option - right? The Snaffling Pig Pork Crackling calendar is stuffed with 24 mini bags of pork in Low & Slow BBQ, Marvellous Maple, Black Pepper & Sea Salt, Salt & Vinegar and Perfectly Salted flavours. If the perfectly salted flavour didn’t sell you #saltedperfectly maybe their festive version of Pigs In Blankets will. Apparently, these are in high demand so hurry up and snag yourself a porka.

Purchase here

Laura Tebb