READ: We AirPods Enthusiasts Now Don’t Even Need Chargers

AirPods cop some pretty hard slack as one of the wankiest tech products on the market. Truth be told, we were once right their rallying beside the other earphone users who were still committed to the chord. That was until we cut the chord (see what we did there).

Once you try AirPods you genuinely can’t go back. Even after you’ve lost them multiple times and are now sporting your fourth pair, which brings the cost of your Pods to approx $1,000, you cannot go back to the peasantry that is old earphones.

Now AirPods have got even wankier - in the best way possible.

Overnight, Apple announced that the second generation of AirPods will come with wireless charging. Plus, the new AirPods feature 50 percent more talk time and the conveniences of hands-free ‘Hey Siri’.

According to the Apple gods themselves, ‘The new Apple-designed H1 chip features custom audio architecture to create a revolutionary audio experience and improved synchronization. H1 allows AirPods to deliver up to 50 percent more talk time compared to first generation AirPods. Switching between devices while listening to music on iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad is more seamless than ever with two times faster connect times. For the first time, AirPods now feature the convenience of “Hey Siri” making it easier to change songs, make a call, adjust the volume or get directions simply by saying, “Hey Siri.”

But the real innovation is all in the wireless charging case. ‘The Wireless Charging Case is designed to offer the freedom of wireless charging with Qi-compatible charging solutions. An LED light indicator located on the front of the case conveniently shows the charge status with just a glance. Existing AirPods customers can purchase the standalone Wireless Charging Case.’ Better yet, if you don’t want to commit to another pair of wireless plugs, you can also buy the standalone wireless charging case for $79. Winning!

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to blow your weekly paycheck on another pair of wanky (but worth it) headphones.