READ: Radical Australians, Meaningful Conversations. Introducing Aust's New Podcast Series


Words By: Guy Webster

At 23 years-old, Aussie entrepreneur Hannah Wang launched the first of what would become many successful businesses. Literally, her list of accomplishments is longer than the list of ingredients in this cheeky Cherry Ripe I’m currently devouring (3.5 grams of Sugar?? Shit).
And last week she added another title to her extensive resume: ‘Podcast creator’. At her LA-based fashion retailer, ‘Aust’, Hannah announced the start of a podcast dedicated to celebrating the achievements of Aussies around the world. ‘Radical Australians. Meaningful Conversations’ will cut the stem off of that classic tall-poppy syndrome we all love to hate and give some much needed empowerment to the Australians doing stellar work in their field. In Hannah’s words:

‘It’s about time Australians celebrated their achievements and got involved in powerful conversations.’

Damn right. Once the launch part kicked off at 6pm, Hannah was quick to distinguish her podcast as one that celebrates the stories of Aussies doing amazing things. Thanks to sponsors, PBR, ABK Beer, Bogarts, and Bandero, the drinks were flowing; it was the perfect set up for some surprise performances, stand up comedy, panel discussions, and just an all-up good yarn.

Hannah’s podcast has already kicked off with a first season that features some big names and big issues:

  • Caitlin Stasey – Australian actress and founder of, who gets raw and real in her episode discussing sexuality, self-identity, and personal growth.

  • Dan Single – Co-founder of Australian brand Ksubi, current founder of rose brand Pour Les Amour, discusses overcoming business and personal setbacks and the importance of slowing down and doing meaningful work.

  • Jonni Pollard – Internationally recognised meditation teacher and author, and co-founder of 1 Giant Mind, who discusses meditation and the impact it has on one’s self, body and mind.

  • Neada Deters – founder of organic skincare line LESSE, whose podcast episode delves into the topic of the importance of self-care.

  • Lani Cooper – Brain injury survivor and founder of MOBOT who shares her story on self-love and what it takes to overcome challenges and build the personal tools you need to and fuel your personal and professional growth.

You can jump right into Hannah’s empowering podcast on Itunes or Google Play. Get amongst it and help support some home-grown talent that deserves your attention.