READ: Can we talk about how awkward Meghan and Harry’s first introduction with Archie was?!


Words By: Ainsleigh Oates

I love a good royal announcement as much as the next person, but surely there were more people left wondering what just happened after watching the newly weds introduce baby Archie to the public for the first time?

Firstly, the couple walk in rather shyly; Meghan clinging to her husband almost as if she needed the support and whispering to each other. Odd for people who are so accustomed to this kind of lifestyle, no?

The photo op was a standard affair, with the exception of a rather annoying amount of hair touching from the Duchess and neither of them knowing where to look. Oh and don’t even get me started on the answers to the journalists questions; Meghan, you’re an actress for gods sake!

To their credit, the question of “what’s your son like, is he sleeping well,” etc., is probably a hard question to answer considering he is only a few days old at this point.

Following an obvious cue to the journalists that the couple were done speaking to them, the new family walk away just as they had walked in; shy, awkward and very ready to be anywhere else than there.

Welcome to the world Archie.