READ: Coachella, The Influencer Olympics Of Fashion


Coachella is like a European Summer. If you’re over there, you’re blasting up your FB, Insta, Insta Story and any other social platform you can get your hands on with snaps of yourself looking chic and doing cool shit. If you’re not there, you’re sitting enviously on your couch, appropriately attired in hoodie and sweats, a bevy in hand bearing witness to the onslaught of hundreds of people ‘seemingly’ having loads of fun.

*Insert Coachella.

If your social feed has resembled anything like ours over the last few days, it would have looked something similar to a mountainous heap of images being shoved in your face of influencers living their best lives in desert paradise. We’re not jealous at all…

To prove we’re not mourning the fact we’re not right there with them, we thought we would share some of our fave looks from week 1 in the desert. Get amongst it below.

Images Sourced From: LA Mag, James Charles, Matt Winkelmeyer, Getty Images and Instagram