READ: First Gmail, Then FB, Now Insta - WTF’s going on

I arrived at work early today, enthused to tackle my ever growing list of tasks that seem to be multiplying like the plague. Like any hardworking employee, the first thing I did when I booted up my well-used mac was fire up my emails and sign in to Facebook (FB). As the spinning wheel of death kept rotating and rotating over the FB icon, I quickly got bored, blamed the shit internet and moved on with my life.

After several more failed attempts, it was yet to click that maybe the problem wasn’t the internet. Maybe the problem was FB itself? After a cheeky Google and a yell across the office to my boss, ‘Mate, is your FB working?’ it was confirmed, FB is down #lifeisnowover. With this new found knowledge I quickly rushed to my main squeeze, Instagram, only to discover it too was down.

Firstly, WTF, what am I supposed to do with my precious, busy work hours now, and secondly, Ashton, are we being punked? With Google’s Gmail and Drive suffering global outages less than a day ago and now the crash of both Facebook and Instagram, the people of the internet need answers!

As hundreds of people flock to the only social platform still functioning - Twitter - the social butterflies of our generation vent their frustrations.

Facebook has since released a statement stating, ‘We’re aware that some people are currently having trouble accessing the Facebook family of apps...We’re working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.’ The company have since said the outage was a result of Distributed Denial of Service attack, known as DDoS - a cyber-attack that involves flooding a service with extremely high volumes of traffic. Both Instagram and Facebook now appear to be functioning normally, however, the wrath of the millennial world are still reeling from being social media free for several hours. Hell hath no fury like a millennial without Instagram.