READ: Is Flume Potentially Dropping A New Album Via A Mixtape Tomorrow Morning!!!!???

After teasing us something terrible for years, Aussie Music Producer, Flume, is finally giving the people what they want. According to his latest tweet, this time tomorrow morning our ears will finally be blessed with a new mix by the master himself. But, is this just a mix or HIS new tunes?

After what has felt like a much-too-long hiatus, Flume is releasing his much anticipated ‘Hi This Is Flume (Mixtape)’. The mixtape marks the first release of new material since his Grammy-Award winning LP, Skin. As fans and peers alike hyperventilate with excitement, we cannot wait to hear what the next evolution of the Aussie artist will sound like. *Loading pingers…

With less than 24hrs to go, the countdown has begun. We’re looking forward to 9am office tunes because we know what we’re going to be playing.

In the meantime, let’s reminisce with some old favourites by the man himself.