READ: Resident, Self-Taught Astrologist Breaks Down Game Of Thrones Characters By Star Signs


Words By: Guy Webster

Okay so we really wanted to add ourselves into the swirling mess of Game of Thrones ‘hot takes’ crowding your news feed, but I can’t even entertain the thought of one of those dragons dying without crying and honestly what if I accidentally guess the end? That would suck. Plus, it’s Aries season so it feels like the perfect time for an aggressive opinion about which star sign each Game of Thrones character might be, so here we are:

Daenerys Targaryen: Leo (July 23rd – August 23rd)

Our true Leo Queen, all hail the Mother of Dragons. A fixed fire sign, Leo-Daenerys is both hot-headed and driven as hell. She’ll burn you to a crisp if you try and give her a command and her confidence is something to be envied. It’s the type of confidence that makes her stand with strength at the centre of everything, as long as she has control. Some believe our Lion-roaring Queen is an Aries, and her spontaneity might be evidence of this, but she’s got this specific brand of wit and a damn stressful notion of leadership that I think tips her just over the edge into Leo-land. Plus I’m a Leo, let me have this.


Cersei: Cancer (21st June – 23rd July)

I know this might seem completely wrong but bear with me. Sure, Cersei has the ice-cold severity of a Scorpio and even whispers of a Capricorn-style drive, but I’ll be damned if I don’t see the cracks in her outward façade appear more and more. She’s definitely got a Scorpio moon but she’s a Cancer that’s learned to suppress her emotions after being surrounded by some hella-Taurus / Leo-energy with Tyrion, Jamie, and Tywin. She leans so heavily into that Scorpio Moon but we’ve gotten too many tearful close-ups, too many bouts of sudden tears, too much staring into the middle-distance. Plus, if their focused enough, Cancers can be expertly manipulative. But maybe I’m just projecting my desire to see this Cancer-Queen thaw out a bit and release those Cancer emotions to the world!


Arya Stark: Gemini (21st May – 21st June)

Two faces…get it?

Jon Snow: Aries (20th March – 20th April)

Yes, Cancer might have been an obvious choice for our mopey-faced wall-guarder who never wanted to be King but I think he’s got that Aries spice that pushes his Cancer moon (and potentially rising, too) to the side. He’s got that cardinal conviction and an anger that really throws him into the battle-field and into conflict easily – and we’ve seen this conviction land him in some heavy-duty chaos at times. I feel it’s the Aries in him that takes the first hard-and-fast step into battle, and the Cancer in him that’ll have him hugging his mates and crying with his wolf after.


Sansa Stark: Libra (23rd September – 23rd October)

The most level-headed of the Starks (Bran is zombified, he doesn’t count), Sansa has grown into the perfect enlightened Libra. With intelligence, carefulness, and a little splash of sensitive manipulation, she’s got the well-worn strengths of a Libra that I’m sure will be super helpful when the Night King comes (literally, run Sansa).


The Night King: Capricorn (22nd December – 20th January)

A driven Capricorn with a vicious streak that leaves most of us for dead (at least for a little bit). You’ve gotta hand it to ole mate ice-face; he’ll scale walls, fish for dragons, and contour his face with ice-spikes to get what he wants, I respect that.

Okay so that’s not all of them but there’s honestly too many and they’ll be dead soon enough anyway (or will they? Honestly this series I can’t). If anyone’s interested, Drogon is definitely a Scorpio, Rhaegel and Viserion (RIP) are Virgos. Oh and all zombies are Taurus’.

It feels good to finally get that out there.