READ: Getting To Know… Dunni

Lewie Dunn, famously known as Dunni by his legion of Insta followers, is possibly one of our favourite human beings. Aside from his ability to talk the most hilarious shit known to man, the guy can spin tunes, turn anything he picks up into an instrument, dabble in handyman sh*t and surf like a somewhat pro.

If you’re not already following Lewie and aren’t complete stiffs, we highly recommend getting around him, hitting follow and enjoying the art form that is Dunni. For now, just sit back, snap a frothy and delight in a daily dose of motivation by none other than Lewie Dunn.

We caught up with Dunni to get some insight into how his brain works - Read on!


Hey Lewie, what are you up to right now?

Waiting for my friends to pick me up to get dinner. It’s 6pm and I had a burger at 430pm. Big mistake.

Where did you grow up?

Merewether, Newcastle.

You’ve been described as a surfer, multi-instrumentalist, actor, DJ, tradie and downright legend… so what exactly do you do?

Master of none. I like to dip my finger in every pie without looking. I get bored really easily so I guess that’s the reason I’ve done so.

If we were to spend a day with Dunni, what would we get up to?

Some sort of physical activity, most likely aquatic. I feel terribly guilty if I don’t do anything. Then pretty much do the exact opposite with and afternoon of beer, hot chips, chicken salt and white bread.

How did your instagram page, @dunnis_daily_motivators come to be?

I had a private page where I’d post similar videos. One day made it public,  Then did one about “letting old people take your seat on a bus, cause if there’s a fire you’ll be first off”. Few randoms tagged randoms yada yada yada.

What’s the most cooked thing you’ve ever done?

Cursed at my mother.

If you could time warp yourself to any point in history when would it be and who would you hang out with?

Around the 1980’s when “The Stone Roses” were form. Try be their rhythm guitarist. Then leave the band and join underworld and do vocals for “born slippy”

We love a good dose of Dunni’s daily motivation, please provide the people with today’s daily dose of inspiration?

“At least you’re not me.”

Who makes you laugh on Instagram?

Friends parents accounts. Sometimes they’ll put the hashtag after the word or post the picture twice with a slightly different caption. Eg. - “bloody # beautiful”, “this is bloody beautiful #”.

What websites do you frequent?

I wanna say reddit or NY times but it’s just facey and YouTube.

If you won the lotto, what's the first five things you're buying?

I won the lotto about 5yrs ago. I scored a whopping $13. I got a snack pack from Henny Penny… that’s bout it.

What do your weekends really look like?

Surf everyday. Hang with my family and friends. Drink.


Favourite city?


Favourite food?

Hot chips.

Beach or city life?


One thing you can't live without?

An open mind.

What's are you listening to right now?

erik satie-  gymnopedie

Chicks or dicks?

Ah-haaaa. Funny you ask. A lot of people think I’m gay from what they see on my instagram. But right now I’m boring old hetrooo

For more daily motivators check out Lewie’s newly launched radio program brought to you by none other than the legend himself. Pop your pods in and have a listen below.