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As much as we love snaps of smoothie bowls, half naked chickie babes and travel photos of you and your mates in Croatia *insert sarcasm*, we thought it was time to refresh the stale Insta feed. So move aside Insta baddies there’s some new kids in town and aside from the daily dose of lol’s, these guys are getting double taps all round.


One man. One truck. One post a day. That’s all it took for this guy’s ‘Assyrian word of the day’ to go viral. One word - cooked.

Assyrian word of the day 🏆

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We’ve all seen it. The support systems, the boyfriends, fathers, brothers and men behind every unwanted shopping trip, waiting for the significant other to try on yet another black dress. Here’s to all the miserable men in our lives.

Waiting patiently? Or crying himself to sleep?

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I’m slightly concerned that I resonate with majority of these posts…


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Looking for a daily dose of motivation? This colourful chap will be sure to brighten anyone’s day thanks to a crass humour, some questionable antics

Headed into the weekend like...

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Real texts from real exes. Let the cringes unfold.

If you’re only gonna respond to one text, choose wisely

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From bowling balls, tree trunks and ramen noodles, these are the photos where people have seen faces in the strangest of places.

Thanks to @osman0102 for today’s face 😊👍🏼

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This spoof account mocks nearly every girl on instagram. Documenting every aspect of it’s daily life, expect throw back pictures, a love for avo on toast and multiple selfies.


A collection of the funniest content from across the web, so your lazy arse doesn’t have to do any googling.

Damn LMAO 👉🏽(via: orjikuramo/twitter)

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