READ: Charge Ya Crystals Ladies, It’s A Full Moon Tonight

Once a month I’m usually stuck having the same conversation...

Friend: Want to hang tonight?

Me: Sorry, I can’t. Mercury is in retrograde, my mood is f’ed, it’s a full moon and I haven’t even started prepping my crystals.

Friend: Ya kidding, right?

Me: Do I sound like I’m joking? My love life is more barren than the Sahara and I think it’s because my rose quartz hasn’t been cleansed in a while.

Friend: okaayyy… cool, cool, cool, cool, cool

The things is, I’m not joking….Well, maybe about the Sahara desert mention - jokes, that one was 100% true - but the whole moon effing with my mood comment, I 100% believe it.

Bear with me.


Has the last several days been a complete and utter struggle? Have you been irritable, cranky or just not coping with the simplest tasks life is throwing at you? Maybe you’ve felt like a big-old-cry, sensitive to anyone around you and no matter how much coffee you throw back, you’re still feeling rough as hell. I’m calling it. It is the moon’s fault.

Yep, that big old, smug, shiny f’ing moon. As much as I love it, as soon as that lunar rock decides to expand it’s waistline into view and start blazing down on us, cue the lethargy, mood swings and overall CBF attitude. In fact, the link between the moon and madness has long been documented. Didn’t werewolves come out to play during the full moon? Call it a fairytale, but I think it was more of a metaphor of the moon transforming people.


Even science has a shoe in on the topic. Apparently, many people complain about poor sleep around the full moon (explains the lethargy and mood swings). Scientists at the University of Basel even did a study on it, concluding that we sleep, on average, 20 minutes less during a full moon than any other time of the month. I won’t bore you with all the nitty-gritty facts, but the study demonstrated that even today, despite the comforts of modern life, humans still respond to the rhythms of the moon. Shove that in your pessimistic pocket.

So now that I have semi convinced you of the moons power, I can hear you asking, ‘so why are all you moon-loving-hippies popping out ya crystals, chanting kumbaya and dancing naked.’ Well, now that we know the moon generates a huge amount of energy - affecting our circadian rhythm, mood, menstrual cycles - the moon’s energy can also be harnessed for a lot of positive rituals including cleansing, setting positive affirmations, re-charging and downright chillaxing.


So if you’re a new found believer, a longtime worshipper or just here for a laugh, tonight is the night. Get rid of your shitty mood, start afresh and cleanse your home space, charge your crystals under that big old moon, dance and meditate the night away.

PSA: If anyone is in the Sydney region and hears howling, don’t stress, it’s just me