READ: Kim Kardashian is Lawyering-up and we don’t know how to feel


Words By: Guy Webster

Last week, resident overlord of reality tv, Kim Kardashian, announced that she would be lawyering-up. No, she’s not enlisting a legal team to divorce Kanye (I assume Kris is saving that drawcard for the dramatic opening of season 17 of Keeping Up with the Kardashians); she’s decided to take up the mantle passed down by her father and add the title of lawyer to her already lengthy résumé.

Reality TV Star, CEO, self-made millionaire, boss-ass mother.

Taker of selfies and other home-made videos, Instagram influencer, avid Tweeter and purveyor of an instantly meme-able cry face.

Whatever you think of ole Kim, it’s impossible to deny her influence. From Paris Hilton’s frumpy mate, to the only thing standing between Kanye and a 2020 run for presidency (yikes), Kim has spent years cultivating a brand worth over 500 million.

And now she’s a lawyer, cause why tf not?

Well, technically she still has some leg-work to do before she’ll officially be a lawyer. And you won’t see her walking the halls of Harvard with Tort Law-book in hand - and a Legally Blonde reference incoming. Apparently, if you live in California you can study law in a sort of internship / apprentice deal. So basically, Kim is getting private tutoring in her California home (which also doubles as a small country) until she’s ready to pass the Bar and rock a pant-suit that will solve every crime that’s ever existed.

In an interview with Vogue last week, Kim revealed her intentions and it didn’t take long for the internet to break…again. The Vogue interview already used enough Legally Blonde references to represent Kimmy K’s foray into the field of law – ‘What, like it’s hard?’ – so I’ll leave Elle Woods by the side for now (just know that I imagine Kim saying ‘We’re taking the dawg’ on the daily). Plus, the internet had much more to say about Kim strutting into a court of law.

Is it just another well-orchestrated grab at ratings by our very own Mother of Dragons, Kris Jenner? Is it fair that Kimmy K, who never went to college, can basically buy her way into the field? Will my Kylie Jenner lip kit ever arrive and can Kimmy sue Kylie for me (a spicey future episode perhaps, Kris?)?

Maybe it’s just a quest for self-improvement that should be celebrated? It takes a huge amount of bad-assery to face the ridicule of strangers for decades and continue to do…just lots of things. Like lots and lots of things.

One of those things being a law-degree. Righto.