READ: The Lazy Person’s Guide To Workout Fads You’ll Actually Stick To

As I reach down into the deepest, darkest depths of my chip packet, grasping onto the final remains of what was, 15 minutes ago, a family size bag of crisps, I savour the last morsel of crunched up honey, soy chicken flavoured chippies. As the remains of what was supposed to be a healthy arvo snack are laid out before my gluttonous self, I realise that my New Year’s resolutions haven’t lasted six weeks.

What happened to the unstoppable force who woke up January 1st (sans hangover) with a 2019 motto to resemble a person who didn’t just wear workout clothes, but actually worked out! Who reached for the hummus and carrot sticks, not the Kettle chips. Guilty. Who actually rocked up to the 6am pilates course instead of paying for the $25 late cancellation fee every single morning! Unstoppable force, where have you gone?

As I dust off the crumbs from my sweat free workout top, I roll over and grab the nearest electronic device within reach of my lazy-arse-body and open up the holy grail of information - Google. Praying to the Google gods to resurrect my ‘unstoppable Jan 1st self’, I type in ‘workouts to keep you motivated’. Cliche I know. But if I am going to kick to the curb some of my less than ideal habits, I am going to need some serious help. By help I don’t mean running on a treadmill glancing at the timer every two seconds, I’m talking about fun, get me excited, happy to attend workouts that won’t have me hitting the snooze button. Here goes nothing.


HIIT Hybrid Classes

If you’re anything like me, I would rather suck on my big toe than do cardio. Nope, I don’t have a foot fetish, just an unruly dislike for anything that gets my heart rate going. Knowing that I may have to increase my heart rate just a little bit to improve any type of fitness, I opened myself to the world of hybrid HIIT classes.

HIIT stands for high intensity interval training and is basically all about doing short bursts of very intense aerobic exercise. Combined with the likes of Pilates or Yoga, the workout becomes and enjoyable mix of fast-paced movements and long-lean stretches. Check out your local gyms for classes like Physi-core or Yoga-fire.


Hula Hooping

Has anyone else noticed all the nature-lovin, fitness babes on Instagram hula hooping recently? It’s been lingering on the sidelines for a while now, but it’s making a big comeback. If you’ve had a go and couldn’t get the hang of it it’s probably because you were using a child-size hoop. Us hula hooping adults actually require a much larger, weighted hoop that spins around the body at a slower pace, in turn, making it easier for us to continually hula.

Now if you think this is going to be easy, think again. Hula requires an intense amount of core and stamina. Once you’ve mastered the art of engaging the core, bring on the full body workout - from your waist to your arms and legs, welcome to full-body torture.


 Assisted Stretching

So you’re telling me, all I have to do is lay down whilst someone does all the hard work for me? Where do I sign up?

We have long been told that stretching is an extremely important part of any workout routine, and with clinics completely devoted to it there is no excuse not to stretch. Aimed to tackle problem areas, relax tight muscles and alleviate any body strains, stretching may not be a workout, but the benefits of stretching may make you more inclined to move you body. Can we get an ‘amen’ in the building please. Check out studios such as Motion Stretch  and Stretch Studios.


Virtual Workouts

The ultimate lazy-person's guide to working out. Either streaming workouts straight from the gym (yep, this is a thing) or downloading an app and letting someone tell you what to do. Virtual workout options are emerging more and more - such as, ClassPass Live and Our Body Electric (Obe)—which give you a chance to follow a live class from the comfort of your living room.

Whether you’re a yoga lover, dance fanatic or shadow boxing guru - there is a virtual workout or app out there for everyone! Start filling up those phones people.


A Good Old Bonk

Well if the last four exercise movements haven’t sold you maybe this one will. For all you lazy people - hit up your significant other, slide right on tinder, find yourself a willing partner and burn some calories the good old horizontal way. It may not be as good a workout as a jog but it’s fun, it’s sweaty and you will probably do it more often.