READ: Marvel’s Endgame: What To Expect now that the Avengers have disassembled.


Words By: Guy Webster

A completely spoiler-free look at everything we can expect from our corporate overlords now that the game has ended, and the Marvel Universe continues to expand. 

It’s been almost a week since Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame hit cinemas. If you’ve made it through the past week spoiler-free - dodging spoilers like I dodge jury duty – then it’s time to look at the silver lining and round up the next stage in Marvel’s continued world domination.
Let the promise of these films console you and make your bank account shiver.

Spiderman: Homecoming

Tom Holland swung into the Marvel world and straight into our hearts; call him our lipless Tobey Maguire stand-in, our prepubescent Andrew Garfield, our web-surfing live-action Into the Spider-verse back-up. After his first box-office smash as the loveable spidey (a semi-smash by Marvel standards), it was only a matter of time before Holland would return. This time, he’s in Italy on a school trip (Lizzie McGuire already did it better, just saying). Jake Gyllenhall is there being all Mysterio-esq, Zendaya is there and Tom Holland’s lips? Nowhere to be seen.
Homecoming will be released on July 2nd.


Doctor Strange 2

Unless they bring back Rachel McAdams and actually give her something to do. Or unless they explain how ole Doc can go from barely sparking with his magic hand flicks to moving entire cities with a light exhale, then count me out of this one.
Even so, the director of the first one, Scott Derrickson, will return for this Doctor Dolittle spin-off coming May 2021.

Guardians of the Galaxy 3

Outside of the whole James Gunn controversy, there’s much to be excited for with the next addition to our favourite band of 80s-style misfits. If Avengers has taught us anything, it’s that there is a LOT going down in space. We might even get a cameo from Captain Marvel, Thor, or Glenn Close running another planet (as is her right). The soundtrack will be killer, the cast strong, and Groot might finally complete his coming-of-age narrative once and for all. Bring on crabby pensioner Groot in 2021.


Black Panther 2:

Okay so this one is steeped in secrecy but there’s no way Marvel will let something as bankable as Black Panther go without a couple hundred more sequels. Plus we just need more of the Wakanda nation, Chadwick Boseman’s face, and Lupita Nyong’o’s presence in our lives. The cultural impact of the first movie continues to build and there’s only so many times Angela Bassett can reply to a ‘Wakanda Forever’ without asking if anyone remembers How Stella Got Her Groove Back? No? Fine.
Filming is slated to begin at the end of the year so we should expect this one in 2021, and don’t worry, Ryan Coogler has been rumoured to return as director.


The Eternals:

Another Marvel gold mine rests in the OG Avengers: the Eternals. They’ve been mentioned in passing before but basically, they’re towering super-powered ancients with Greek God street cred. Rumours are that Chloe Zhao will be directing this one and Angelina Jolie (the most like a Greek God among us) will star as lead character, Sersi (not Cersei).
We’ll probably expect this one to premier in 2020 at the earliest. But who knows, Marvel just can’t help themselves sometimes.


There are also whispers of a Black Widow origin story and a possible iteration of Shang-Chi to whet the appetite of any Marvel fan struggling to see life beyond the Infinity Saga. Plus Disney’s streaming service, DisneyPlus, looks to drag our favourite Marvel characters into the world of TV.
So never fear, the hand of a Disney cash-grab is never far from gripping and dragging us back into the Marvel Universe.