READ: Netflix + Chill With Our Top Binge Picks This Week

Ok, lets be real, the Netflix scroll is a serious problem. I often find myself IMDB-ing around 30 movies, watching 10 trailers, checking Insty in between, then calling it a night.

Thankfully, not all heroes wear capes and we’re here to eradicate the scroll, minimise repetitive stress syndrome (seriously, is thumb physio a thing?) and lock in some reliable recommendations. So ladies, lads and saucy couples, here’s what you should be checking out on Netflix stat.  


One Strange Rock

Premiering March 26th, One Strange Rock follows eight astronauts who share their unique perspective on Earth. Narrated by Will Smith, learn about the fragile and beautiful planet we call home.

IMDb rating - 8.9/10

Jurassic Park is now in full on Netflix!

The original Jurassic Park trilogy is finally on Netflix. So whether you just want to commit to the OG and watch cigarette-smokin’ Samuel Jackson get chomped or ponder the questionable plot-lines of the most recent blockbusters, Jurassic Park is the perfect movie night in.

IMDb rating - 8.1/10

After Life

If you’ve only got time to commit to a few episodes of a TV series, we highly recommend After Life. Written, directed and starring Ricky Gervais, the show follows a man who says and does pretty much whatever he wants following the death of his wife. It’s witty, dark and well worth the watch with a solid 8.6 IMDb rating.


Ever wondered how much damage is caused every time a football player gets pummelled to the ground, knocked out and concussed? Based on the true story of a forensic pathologist who made the connection between NFL players concussions and brain disorders, Concussion, delves into the harrowing world of sports injuries.

IMDb rating - 7.1/10


Isn’t it romantic

Imagine if one day you woke up and you were trapped inside a romantic comedy? Hands up who wants to be in Love, Actually - anyone?

Netflix’s latest release, Isn’t It Romantic, basks in the glory of rom-coms genre cliches and its refreshingly pleasant. Starring Rebel Wilson as the lead heroine, this is a fun, easy watch for a night in with the gals.

IMDb Rating - 6.0 /10

Dirty John

Dirty John is one of those shows you can’t stop watching! Whether it’s Eric Bana’s charm and good looks or the love-gone-bad plot line, Dirty John had us hook, line and sinker. If you were a fan of Netflix’s ‘You’ and are a lover of all things crime, sociopaths and sexual predators - grab the popcorn, pour yourselves a wine because you will be binge watching the sh*t out of this.

IMDb rating - 7.2/10


Get Out

If you didn’t get a chance to watch the spine-chilling horror film Get Out when it was released in 201, now is your chance. Showing on Netflix, the satirical horror film is a terrifying blend of Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner and The Stepford Wives. All levels of f’ed up, prepare to watch through the cracks of your fingers.

IMDb rating - 7.7/10

Formula 1

We totally agree that adding Netflix’s Formula 1:Drive To Survive documentary series in the ‘boys’ section is a slight gender stereotype, so let’s just take our headings with a grain of salt.

For lovers of cars, Netflix recently teamed up with Formula One to provide an exclusive behind the scenes look at the 2018 Formula One World Championships. Following the drivers, managers and team owners living life in the fast lane, the doco showcases the cutthroat season of racing like never before.

IMDb rating - 8.8/10


If you’re all over the above recommendations like a hot rash don’t fret, Netflix has a big 2019 in store. With the likes of The Crown, Stranger Things, 13 Reasons Why and Black Mirror all set to return this year, we’re in for a lot of binge watching. Here are some new releases to get amongst in March:

  • Brooklyn Nine-Nine - season 5 is coming in red-hot and we’re excited

  • Queer Eye Season 3 - Our five favourite, fabulous queens are back at it again teaching us all how to be better versions of ourselves

  • My Husband’s Penis Won’t Fit - ummmm weird flex but ok. Not really sure what this one is about but the title has us waiting in anticipation

  • The OA Season 2 - did anyone else froth over season 1? The sci-fi drama is a surprise addition to the March releases as there hasn’t been a huge amount of hype of it. Needless to say, we’re excited