READ: A Night-In With Sydney Film Festival


Words By: Guy Webster

Sydney Film Festival will start in just over a month and honestly, fuck Vivid. In the lead up to this better-than-Vivid event, our mates at Sydney Film Fest have given us a little taste of what we can expect from them. They’ve offered a glimpse into the festival line up, which is nice; but honestly, while I’m definitely (definitely) interested in that cinephile-bait French movie featuring ‘the spare’ Robert Pattinson (too soon?) - plus The Secret Life of Pets got a sequel no one asked for – I’m more intrigued by another event they’ve announced: the ‘All Night Cine-Love In’.

As sexy as it sounds, the ‘All Night Cine-Love In’ is an entire night of mostly art-house cinema with a sensual twist. To be held at the Dendy Cinemas in Newtown (naturally) on June 8th, this big-screen camp-out adds a bit of artistic flavour to the classic ‘Netflix and Chill’. Between 10pm and 7am, you’ll be watching provocative films that straddle (ha) numerous genres. From the campy depravity of John Waters’ Female Trouble (1974), to the surreal horror of David Lynch’s Eraserhead (1977), this experience is guaranteed to be a fun night-in. Other than Waters and Lynch, there’s Nagisa Oshima’s controversially sensual In the Realm of the Senses (1976), and the outright sex-obsessed O’Lucky Man (1973) by Lindsay Anderson. It’s basically a sit-back-and-relax tour of the cinematic world of the 70s, and it’s just a damn original event that you don’t see happening in Sydney that often.

So why not take a chance – and a sexy step - into the reclining comfort of a night at the movies that moves into the day. Imagine walking out of the cinemas to the sun rising, now that’s something new.

You can buy tickets here, or simply have a peruse of the growing line-up of films for this year’s Sydney Film Festival here.