READ: Here We go... Oat Milk Is Coming for the Milk World


Words By: Guy Webster

There have been big changes in the world over the last ten years: Prime ministers have come and gone, Snapchat has come and gone and Koschi’s hairline has stayed as reliably absent as ever. But the biggest change to our world – yes, the biggest - has been the steady introduction of a seemingly endless range of milks.

Yes, move over Marvel, you’re not the only one with a ten-year list of different versions of the same story. We’ve got Almond Milk, Soy Milk, Coconut Milk, Quinoa Milk, Rice Milk and – if you’re feeling boring as hell – full-cream milk. The milk market is booming and diversifying every day; so much so that it can seem impossible to grapple with the extent of milks on offer.

Pan to a Swedish countryside about 30 years ago where a group of oat-loving farmers had an idea that would change the milk game forever. Oat Milk is a fibre-full Milk alternative that ticks all the boxes. It’s damn delicious, amazing for your body and amazing for the world. With less of the water-usage that make people cringe at Almond milk – plus less of that nutty aftertaste – Oat milk is created in an environmentally conscious way that has even Quinoa milk shook.

The guys behind Oatly just seem to love all things oat. While that’s a sentence I never thought I’d write, it’s just damn true of these dudes. I think we all know that Scandinavia has a reputation for being a weird utopian oasis that seems too good to be true, well it seems that their milk is no exception. In fact, Oatly does all things oats: from oat butter, ice-cream and even vanilla sauce. So, if you wanted, you could stock your entire kitchen with oat-themed ingredients and be that person.

In the big bad world of milk, the Oatly crew deliver some pretty admirable honesty and a dedication to ethical production strategies that consumers are just wanting more and more of. It’s a smart business decision sure, but it’s also just damn delish.

Actual footage of a cow who has recently heard the news

Actual footage of a cow who has recently heard the news