READ: Attn Sydney: Cancel Your Plans Tomorrow Morning, It's OneWave's 6th Birthday!

*image credit @isabelladobozy

*image credit @isabelladobozy

Get your fluro spanks washed and your boards waxed because it’s OneWaves big ol’ 6th Birthday and the celebrations are going to be XL. With over 25 countries and 100 beaches getting involved, the crew at OneWave are set to create a fluro wave from Australia and the Philippines, to Sengal and Peru, all with one mission in mind - to raise awareness of mental health.

Since launching in 2013, this non-profit surf community has come in leaps and bounds tackling mental health issues with a simple recipe - saltwater, surfing and fluros. Six years on, OneWave has created global impact, raising awareness and reducing social stigmas around mental health issues via their Fluro Friday Sessions. This Friday is no exception. The OneWave community will stand at the water’s edge dressed in their brightest fluro, linking arms, with a simple birthday message - to let anyone facing mental health challenges know they’re not alone.

“It’s time to make an invisible issue visible and let people know it’s totally ok, not to be ok,” says Founder Grant Trebilco. “Bright colours make people happy and help start conversations about an invisible issue. Combine that with surfing and it is a great recipe to help free the funk.”

If you’ve ever been up early enough (we’re looking at your Thursday night ragers) and gotten yourself down to Bondi beach on a Friday morning you will see a community of people catching waves, practicing yoga and hanging out in bright, boisterous fluros. Tomorrow is no exception. Come join us and the team at OneWave tomorrow morning, South Bondi at 6:30am for their 6th birthday celebrations. The OneWave crew want to create a fluro wave stretching from South to North Bondi, so make sure you wear your brightest fluro outfits, invite all your family and friends and help promote a really good cause.


When - Friday 22nd March

Where - South Bondi

Time - 6:30am

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