Read: Help – Travelling With A New Partner? Here Are Some Essential Tips That Will Keep You Sane.

Words by: Emily Smith

Ever heard the phrase ‘a holiday with your partner is make or break?’ Talk about piling on the pressure!

With all the endless ‘Euro Summer’ pics flooding Instagram, there’s sure to be a fair few of you out there embarking on your first ever trip with your partner.

It can be really tough to determine at what point in a relationship you’re ready to take your first trip together. Do you wait six months, or an entire year? The truth is, it’s different for everyone. If you both feel ready, there’s no time that is ‘too soon’.

Having said that, it can be a real challenge. Neither of you can be sure what to expect, and you’ll inevitably see more sides of your partner than you ever realised existed previously. Maybe it will be the first time you see them wake up with a nice trail of drool down their face, or the first time you smell their BO after a day of hiking up a steep mountain.

Whatever trip you take, you can be sure you’ll get to know each other more, for better or for worse. But to make your trip that bit easier, here are our top tips for preparing and surviving that momentous first holiday:

  • Choose a destination you are both comfortable with. If your partner hates cities and chaos, don’t force them to spend a week in London. You’ll feel anxious and responsible for them having a good time. By choosing somewhere that’s a happy medium for what you both want out of the trip, you share the responsibility for both the good and the bad experiences.

  • Have a rough outline of things you want to do, but don’t be rigid. Having an idea of key experiences or sights you want to visit at your destination is great – it means you’ll never be bored, or waste time worrying about finding something to occupy both of you. Better yet, come up with some ideas that you know you’ll both enjoy and could bring you closer together, like cooking classes, treks, or visits to action adventures (don’t worry, no one is forcing you to sky dive on your first trip…). But remember, don’t stick to a tight schedule or live by your list. Often, the best travel memories are created on the fly, from stumbling across hidden gems or experiences. The more relaxed you are, the more likely you are to have these random, memorable experiences together.

  • Don’t nit-pick. Let’s be real, travelling is totally different to being at home. You’re living out of a suitcase, often in a smaller space than you’re used to, you’re eating out a lot, you’re constantly trying new things. Be ready for more mess, unhealthy eating and annoying habits. If you’re prepared, they’ll be less of a big deal in the moment.

  • Overcome fights. Squabbles are inevitable when you’re travelling with someone. After all, you’re together 24/7 – you’re bound to get on each other’s nerves occasionally. That’s okay! Have an agreement to not let fights drag on, and to voice any irritations you have as they arise, to avoid bottling them up and letting them fester into a massive issue later on.

  • Spend time apart. You might be on a holiday with your partner, but it’s okay to spend some time without each other! If one of you wants to check out a fine art museum, but the other is dying to go to a fitness class, split up for an hour! Enjoy your time apart, and come back together refreshed and excited to see each other again (you never know, you might even miss them – and that’s always healthy for a relationship!)

So there are a few things to keep in mind! And don’t put pressure on yourself, it doesn’t have to be make or break, just think of travelling as a great chance to spend quality time with your partner, and get to know them even better!