Read: P.E Denim - Yep, We Love It.

Words by: Emily Smith

P.E. Nation, easily up their as one of our fav activewear-meets-street brands has done it again. They’ve recently released a new line, ‘Denim by P.E. Nation’, and trust us, you need to get around it.

The love is real because it’s so original. While it has vintage vibes and celebrates a wide-leg jean, we’re willing to bet these denim pieces are unlike anything currently lurking in your closet.

Selling quick-fast already, the line features hoodies, baggy jeans, the coolest multi-tone denim you ever did see, vintage tees, and even custom Converse sneakers, among other things.

But the pick of the lot? The reversible denim jacket. With one side being a standard light blue denim trucker-style jacket with fleece on the neck, the reverse side is a bomber-style fleece body with black quilted sleeves, and a light denim collar. I mean, the details! And two jackets for the price of one…genius, am I right?

Calling it now, that jacket is a winter staple (and it’s warm too!)

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