READ: The Vicious Cycle Of Afterpay And How To Break It


Words by: Emily Smith

Afterpay – the glorious, easy system allowing you instant gratification. Get your online shopping purchases now, pay later. What could go wrong?

Enter: reality.

When we start to buy things on Afterpay, it can be all too easy to add item after item to our cart, proceed to check out, and decide to deal with the repayments at a later date. After all, we only have to pay a quarter of our purchase off every two weeks – which often means paying nothing at all for the first fortnight! (Note: that, my friends, is called denial, AKA. Living in fairy land!)

This encourages us to check out with a total spend of far more than we would be willing to pay if we were forking out the cash immediately.

The excuses to justify it are all too simple: I will definitely return some of the items I don’t like (until I fall in love with all of them). The sale is too good to resist, I must take advantage of a bargain! I will have the money to repay the purchase by the time it’s due. That Alice McCall dress would look so stunning – it’s essential for this weekend’s party, even if I can’t afford it right now.

Before you know it, you’re looking at a total $1,885 owed to Afterpay (totally random figure there…definitely not the amount I once owed…), you’re receiving text reminders daily saying “Your next repayment is due tomorrow,” then you’re receiving several a day, and you’re stressed about where you’re going to magically pull this money from to pay off each instalment.

We’ve all been there… (Looking at you, THE ICONIC, you kill me every time!)

Because although one purchase may seem manageable, we get sucked into the cycle of buying things we really don’t need, and wouldn’t normally be able to justify buying, because there’s no initial outlay of money. The instant gratification becomes irresistible and addictive.

There’s only one way to break the cycle: delete Afterpay!

This may seem excessive, but it is far too tempting to continue acquiring debt after debt, convincing yourself all will be fine, because you’ll get paid before your next repayment is due. It becomes impossible to track and control how much you’re spending.

And don’t forget – if you miss just one repayment, the overdue fees start racking up immediately.

Then, for a lot of us, we repay our Afterpay debts with our credit card… It’s an endless spiral of debt and interest repayments – when does it end?


Deleting Afterpay is the only solution. If you don’t have the option to ignore the cost of your purchases for two weeks, and slowly pay it back over two months, you’re forced to outlay the total charge all at once (even if it’s going on your credit card). This means you really have to stop and think, and consider if you’re willing to spend your money on the items you seemingly ‘need’ in the moment.

Don’t give yourself the option of avoiding your debts. My advice = get rid of Afterpay! It’s the only way to break the cycle, and take control of those debts before they spiral out of control.