READ: Tinder’s Festival Mode At Splendour Helped People Find Their Festival Crowd

Words by: Guy Webster

Okay so you’ve started packing away those boho prints, statement sunnies and floral crowns from that epic Splendour in the Grass weekend. Your mates are reminiscing on their favourite sets (Childish Gambino, obviously) and the grass stains promise to never leave those acid-wash dungarees. But whoever you went with and whichever artist you loved most, this year’s festival promised something else in between 80s-themed hangout tents and drum circles: 

(or something like it)

Basically, this year Tinder set up the perfect in-app feature to help people find their crowd and connect with other likeminded mates and festival-goers. ‘Festival Mode’ on the app became the perfect way to let people around you know that you are just as keen to cry over James Blake’s set as they are. Once people clicked the mode on their phones, a little Splendour-themed badge appeared on their profile. This badge was not just for the lovers out there (though it was also perfect for that of course), but for anyone looking to get a solid crew together and have a true experience with mates. This badge helped countless people meet the kaftan-wearing festival-goers they ended up moshing beside every night. Over the Splendour weekend it became a virtual badge of honour to wear with pride, a badge that introduced like-minded strangers who were totally down to compliment any and every floral bucket hat. Not only was it the perfect way to find people willing to gently sway or head bump to those artists your mates ‘just didn’t get’, it was also damn easy to add to the app! 

To help get the socialising going, Tinder also threw a party of their own: the Tinder Block Party. Tonnes of festival-goers found their crowd here every night from 8pm, as they entered through a brightly lit neon tunnel onto the dance floor. Running until 2am, it was the perfect after-party, featuring live DJ sets, amazing performers and cool merch to spice up any festival outfit. Party-goers could even request a song with a message dedicated to their favourite mate or crush for the DJ for everyone to hear from 8pm to 10pm every night. After 10pm it was up to the DJ to choose whatever absolute bangers they wanted to set the scene for the crowds of new mates found on the dance floor. Saturday’s DJ was the amazing Jack River!