Read: Turns Out Becoming A Stunt Double Isn’t An Unrealistic Dream

Words by: Alia Lievore

Becoming a professional stunt double seems wild. Being set on fire? Driving a really fancy car off a bridge? Doing the slow-walk-away-while-something-is-exploding-behind-you-move? Getting paid to do those things? All WILD ideas. And all seemingly unrealistic dreams for a regular non Hollywood type schmuck like you. Wrong! Turns out, after not even that much digging, becoming a stunt double isn’t that unrealistic.

It’s not necessarily easy but if you’re reasonably fit or into, sport, or whatever and have some basic agility you can literally sign up to a class at Stunt Park on the Gold Coast and give it a go. They offer half-day or full day intro sessions. Or there's the Sydney Stage Combat School in ran by Kyle Rowling aka the dude who did the fight choreography on Star Wars! Tafe NSW even looks like they run a few courses that would brush you up on some of the essentials, the Maritime course will kick start you with your mad speed boating and jetski skills, no worries!

Once you get done at stunt school you might want to get in touch with the writers room at Home and Away and ask them to keep blowing up Summer Bay so you can get some shifts on set there. Or move to Hollywood, that would do it too.

Imagine quitting your job and they ask you why and you just blow yourself up and then walk out into your new career as a stunt double completely unscathed? Wild.