READ: Shane Dawson F*cked His Cat...Wait What?

Words By: Guy Webster

It’s been a wild week for YouTube star Shane Dawson.

In less than a week, he’s gone from apologising for rumours about fucking a cat, to announcing his engagement to his long-time boyfriend. Needless to say, I’m sure there’s a psychologist out there who would love to have a lil chat with him. 

You might know Shane Dawson from that eight-part series he made about Jake Paul - or you might not know him at all. But with 21 million subscribers, he’s one of the biggest YouTubers today. So, when someone found a clip of him talking some weird sexy shit about his cat, even his devoted tween audience were left reeling.

Basically, a super fan got more than they bargained for when they decided to take a 2am deep-stalk through the archives of Dawson’s podcast: Shane & Friends. In a podcast from 2015, Dawson admitted to having a solo sexual experience….with his cat. Apparently, he ‘humped’ and ‘humped’ his cat, Cheeto, until, you know, the end.


Understandably, his guests on the podcast at the time had to paws (ha) and process Dawson’s confession - even they seemed to know that he had crossed a (fe)line. And the internet can be a catty place, so it didn’t take long for this sound bite of Dawson to spread like wild fire. People were left asking: Is Cheeto okay? Literally wtf? And is this an appropriate time to make another cat-related pun?
(I’m still waiting for an answer to that last one.)

Once the recording adopted viral-status, Dawson took to twitter to stage his defence. In the process, he’s given us one of the funniest tweets to see with zero context:

It’s hard not to mock Dawson when his defence basically consists of: ‘haha but banter?’ and ‘since when is bestiality off-limits, I’m a comedian damn it!’. Plus it’s just creepy and bizarre, and the internet loves making the bizarre into immediately meme-able content.

Now Dawson’s twitter apology has become the meme-flavour of the month. So, when he returned to twitter to announce his engagement to long-time boyfriend Ryland Adams, his feed was (kitty) littered with updated versions of the infamous tweet. In-between congratulating him on his engagement, many were curious about the timing, and to see how Cheeto was coping with it all. 

Honestly, on the list of scandals that have gripped the YouTube community, this is the weirdest. We’ve had everything from racist tweets, fake conferences, and just everything the Pauls do. So maybe we needed a controversy to be both intensely creeped out, and humoured, by. In the end, we offer our congratulations to the happy couple (Shane and Ryland, not Shane and the cat).