READ: Shine Ya Boots, Guv'na, R.M Williams Is Up For Sale

Image Source: R.M Williams

Image Source: R.M Williams

Words By: Stephanie Rizzo

The iconic Aussie shoe-lord and Almighty Saviour has been comforting our feet with handmade leather-y goodness for decades and if you just so happen to have a cool $500 milly in the bank, or even under your bed, it could all be yours!

Established in 1932, this Adelaide-based shoe and apparel brand was bought by private equity firm, L Catterton Asia in 2013, backed by luxury giant and all ‘round big boys, LVMH (that’s Louis Vuitton Moet Hennessy for all you playing at home). They now own an 82 percent majority and with the help of those boots, have literally been kicking goals around the world, making R.M. Williams one of our favourite exports.

LVMH have transformed the brand and reinvented the retail model, with sales coming in at a whopping $142 million last financial year from over 500 retail locations in Australia; New York; LA and London, with talks of more international stores coming soon.

So what happens next?

Goldman Sachs has been commissioned to run an auction later in the year suspected to fetch shareholders some serious dosh, but if you’re not persuaded yet, maybe this will help. It just so happens that Aussie golden boy Hugh Jackman is currently the R.M’s brand ambassador and owns 5 percent of the company.

Estimating the sale goes for $500 million, he’d be clearing a good $25 million, making you the proud owner of a brand that Wolverine himself once (partially) owned. In basic terms, you’d be Australian royalty in your own right and possibly the coolest person down under.